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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Biden says, "Taliban is not US Enemy"

So according to our vice president, the Taliban is not our enemy, "per se". If the Taliban were to meet certain "preconditions", then the US government would deal with them on equal terms. Okay.....

ACCORDING TO ISLAMIC EXTREMISM, WE ARE THE ENEMY! We deserve to die for not converting. To them, we are the enemy. We are the ultimate enemy, because the United States embodies everything "western". They call us imperialists. This is like the gazelle, saying that the lion is not it's enemy "per se", and that if the lion agreed not to eat it, they could deal on equal terms. For lunch, the lion is going to say yes!

I'm not saying that we need to stay in Afghanistan and eradicate them. I am saying that we need not fool ourselves, because we are fooling no one else! Why else would the Taliban shelter Osama Bin Laden and his operatives? They had the desire, just not the means! OBL had both, and so his organization carried it out.

Afghanistan is a very bitter country. It has been invaded multiple times, and pretty much everytime was by white led governments. Think about how that must look to them, in a country were the spoken word is the only way to pass down knowledge, since 70-80% of the country is illiterate. Most of them do not have internet, or TV. Spoken history is all they know.

The American government does not need to appease anyone. They do not have to cover up their motives with, "doing it for humanity" crap. They just need to buckle down and take care of the people. That is what they are hired to do.

"Taliban is not US Enemy"

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