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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Landlady & the "Whites Only" Sign

So I just came across this article (link is below). Obviously, this is not about hair products. It is not about proper chemicals in the pool. It's not about proper circulation in the pool. If it was about any of those things, this caucasian landlady could have posted a sign insisting that people shower before getting into the pool. This way she would've avoided the "cloudy" effect caused by the teenage black girl's hair products.

Why use such language? She obviously is racist, or ignorant. Personally I feel being racist is ignorant, therefore I might just be redundant in my last sentence. Any person with common sense would know that such a sign is indicative of the Civil Rights era. All she has done is make everyone with a civil rights cause want to pick up this little girls banner. Not to mention she is now fighting to be allowed to continue hanging the sign on her property.

Ah, that could be the crux of the matter, yes? That it is her property. The sign also says "Public Swimming Pool", and then it says "Whites Only". She cannot have it both ways.

"Whites Only"

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