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Thursday, June 2, 2011


I totally messed up my shin today, after I failed to complete a box jump attempt. It was a very tall box! It was the very last jump too, a very big shame. I scraped my skin down to what my best friend called the subcutaneous layer. It now looks like I have a whole additional muscle in the front part of my lower leg. It also has not begun to scab. I am worried that I might have bruised the bone. This would be seriously unfortunate. I may not be able to run until the swelling goes down. This disappoints me. When I go extended amounts of time without running, I feel as if my ability is slipping away!
I've decided I would like to see some muscle growth, especially in my arms, so I will focus on a slight increase in calories, and a mega increase in my protein intake. We will see how this goes!

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