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Friday, December 16, 2011

Club Hopped Last Night

Last night, my best friend and I went to a few clubs last night with our significant others. We ended up having a good time, but there was something wrong with each club that we went to.

To be honest, the first club we went to, we couldn't get into. Our first stop was Tao Nightclub. We couldn't get in because my husband and her fiance were wearing sneakers. My friend checked multiple times on their website about a dress code, and didn't see one on there, so of course this upset her.

We then made our way to a place called New Sanctuary. This place was wretched. The DJ was awful. He must have been learning how to DJ, but he wasn't learning fast enough. His transitions were terrible! Sometimes there wasn't a transition. He also played a lot of music that wasn't necessarily dance type hip hop music. New Sanctuary's drinks were tres expensive. I paid 13 dollars for a rum punch!

The last club we went to was called the Blue Martini. The music selection was nice, and there was even a live band. However, their drinks were also way too much. My husband paid 24 dollars for two jack & cokes. Also, the music was a shade too loud. The one time I went out to dance, it felt like my chest cavity was vibrating to the beat, a very uncomfortable feeling.

We did have a good time. I am actually not that picky. If the DJ at New Sanctuary had known what he was doing, I wouldn't have cared about the expensive drinks. I don't need a drink to dance, just good music!

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