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Friday, December 16, 2011

Penis Injection, Really?

So in this article (see below), this woman has been illegeally practicing medicine. She injected silicone into a man's penis, causing him to have a silicone embolism. This man was only 22, and his name was Justin Long.

 I cannot believe anyone would be so insecure, to go to someone who is not a doctor, and let them inject something into his body, let alone an area that is so sensitive? When women get breast implants, they do not get silicone injected into their breasts. The silicone is in bags, that are inserted into the breast. Of course, if you don't know that, then maybe you'll just equate being bigger in any area with silicone.

I ran across another story like this about a month ago. Another woman had been running an unauthorized medicine practice, and she gave out but injections. The woman who had finally reported her had been given these butt injections, and now she is malformed and misshapen on the lower portions of her body. At least she didn't die, but what is she going to do now?

What are these people thinking?

Botched Penis Injection

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