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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Renting Children as Beggars

Foxnews Latino published an article online about Honduran parents renting their children out to street gangs as beggars this holiday season. Usually, when parents take this avenue, they accompany their children out on the street, however, now the children are with violent street gang thugs. It's common knowlegde that children, in any country, will garner more sympathy than adults when they beg.

While my husband and I were in Las Vegas on our honeymoon, we saw plenty of people begging on the streets, that had children. One man looked to be maybe 23, and the police were already talking to him. It was cold that evening too. It was so sad to see. Many of the beggars also had dogs.

In any case, it tends to be worse in underdeveloped countries of course. Children who are disfigured in some way are highly desired. Sometimes the injuries are caused on purpose, so the child pulls more on the heartstrings of those strolling by.

At this time of the year good deeds are done, it is true. At the same time however, people are more desperate, and become a danger to others. Street crimes, like mugging increase around this time of the year. The only thing to do is be vigilant.

This Christmas, Parents Rent Out Kids to be Beggars

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