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Friday, December 23, 2011

Discovering Sun Salutations Yoga Video

Discovering Sun Salutations Yoga Video

I just did this yoga session with my husband, and he said that he felt much better than when he started. This was the first time that we have done yoga together, and he seemed to enjoy it. I've always loved doing sun salutations in the morning because I always feel so revitalized and more awake. Kreg Weiss is the man in the video, and the voice. He has a very soothing tone. Another thing I noticed was that he was wearing fairly average workout clothes. One thing I was concerned would distract my husband was the very tight shorts some men wear in the videos I have seen. Thankfully, as I saw when I clicked on the video, it was something I would not have to worry about.

Now, post practice, I am checking my facebook, and sipping on delicious green tea, with a hint of stevia, a natural sugar. I feel like today is going to be a good day. I don't have to work, I plan on lifting weights at the gym, and preparing for a Clean Christmas dinner!

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