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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Dinner (Clean Style)

This was Christmas Dinner at my house. I pulled the roasted brussel sprouts, souffled sweet potatoes, apple & sage stuffing, cranberry pear spice sauce from Clean Eating Magazine, and the green bean casserole from Eating Well Magazine. My in-laws and my husband, loved it! I was so happy to share my healthy eating with my family, and to have them appreciate it so much meant a lot. I loved the opportunity to learn how to make so many new clean, healthy dishes!
I also got to use my new baking dishes that we received as a wedding present from my grandmother. My mother-in-law like them a lot :-)
The whole meal, with proper portions of everything, including a glazed ham and a stuffed mushroom appetizer added up to a little over 800 calories for the meal. Now I know that sounds like a lot, but check out the stats for some traditional meals, that aren't cooked with healthy fresh foods in mind, and I think you'll see that if you have to indulge during the holidays, you can at least avoid slathering a bunch of fat and unnecessary calories in your meal!

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