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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Explosives Found in Bag of Army Sergeant

So they haven't released too many details about this story that I heard on the television while I was at the gym this morning. An Army Sergeant First Class was going through security at a Texas airport, when TSA found C-4 in his carry on. The SFC was stationed at Ft. Bragg, but they have not released his name.

To make matters worse, he was attempting to board the plane with his wife and their two children. How terrible is that?

Some people may not realize how easy it may or may not be for an E-7 to obtain explosives, depending on their job specialty of course. Ft. Bragg is a tactical base, so they would have ample reason to have explosives on base. I'm obviously inclined to believe he obtained them from the base some how.

I hope plenty of people keep this in mind the next time that they consider complaining about TSA procedures. A whole plane full of people may have lost their lives on New Years Eve this year, except for the fact that TSA was doing their job.

Explosives Found in Bag During Screening at Texas Airport

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