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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Army SGT Kills Specialist

So I found this article about a 40 year-old male Sergeant who killed a 28 year-old female Specialist in her barracks room on Fort Carson, CO. They said that she was killed sometime between the 6th and 8th of January.

So it sounds like he chose to kill her when he knew that she wouldn't be expected for work. The 6th was a Friday, so if the SPC didn't have to work again until Monday, no one would come looking for her.
I wonder if they were in a relationship. Plently of people kill others for not wanting to be with them. I can kind of see that. Maybe she realized he was too old for their relationship to really last. Or maybe she cheated on him. Or maybe she realized that he was crazy, as he obviously is. In any case this is such a disturbing event.

The morale of both their units has probably gone way down. Each of them had/have friends and family who have to cope with this. Why is harming someone else even an option? What situation between two people who are both living warrants one killing the other?

Don't get me wrong, I can think of a few scenarios in which I would want to kill someone else, but it involves them killing or seriously harming someone close to me. I have never been in a relationship that ended with my wanting to kill the guy. Punch him in the throat? Sure, but not kill him! Click on the link below for the original news story; this is just my take on it.

Man arrested in barracks death at Colo. Army post


  1. Hello Ruthie.. I am the sister of the soldier that was murdered and no, they were not in a relationship.. I believe that he wanted one with her and she refused his advances due to him being married, and also having a reputation for not keeping it in his pants... Also.. Because she was more inclined to date younger men, not older ones.

    This person was not crazy.. Obsessed? Maybe.. But not crazy... And this happens far more than what is mentioned in the military... I cannot tell you how this has uprooted mine and my families lives.. Brandy was the smile for e everyone that was down.. She would give you her last and not think twice about it... Which makes this all the more tragic..

    1. Situation escalate. Being in the Army, I can tell you that relationships often end badly, and too many times someone gets beat up, or something equally as tragic.
      Due to the high stress nature of our jobs, people end up reaching some limit, and snapping out. More than likely there were signs that something was about to happen, but no one paid enough attention. Your sister may not have realized that he was so far over the edge, and apparently no else did either.

    2. Thank you for your response. I'm sorry for your loss.