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Sunday, February 19, 2012

We got a Puppy!

This is our new puppy! We haven't decided what to name him yet. The Richmond County Animal Control named him Duffy, but we didn't like that name. Right now, I'm just calling him Puppy. We picked him out yesterday. It was pretty much between him and his brother, and he was the smaller of the two. I just thought he might need us more :-).
He was really sleepy yesterday, probably due to all the excitement, but since I took him outside at 0500 this morning, he has been pretty energetic. I took him for a short walk as well, and he did that pretty much without a problem. I think he will be a great running partner when his legs get a bit longer! For now we will just stick to the walks.
He has only had one accident so far, so I think we are doing pretty well. No accidents this morning, and each time that I have taken him outside, he goes to the bathroom faster and faster. The treats in my pocket probably have something to do with that!
They told us that he is a lab mix. Then they told us that all that really means is that they don't really know. We can tell by his paws that he will be a good sized dog though. I'm excited to watch him grow. I'm not sure they got his age right. They said 3 months old, but we met a pitbull mix yesterday who was only 9 weeks, and she was a little bigger than him. Oh well, we will see.
He has done fairly well with our cat, Bella. She seems to be doing pretty well with him. We haven't had any chasing incidents so far. He wants to play with her, but he doesn't seem to understand that cats don't play that way, and that she is not a puppy. She is a grown up cat :-)

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