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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Training the Puppy

So this week has been interesting. We have had our new puppy for about a week now, and he is so smart! As the week has gone on, he has had fewer and fewer accidents. After the first night, he doesn't bark when we go to bed. He whimpers a little bit, but not too loud usually.

Our cat Bella gets along with him very well. They play together all the time :-) Our cat loves to tease him while he is in his crate, or on his leash. She will lounge just out of his reach!

We can give him a bath today, so I'm pretty happy about that. He got neutered just before we adopted him, and we had to wait a week so his inscision could heal.

I just took him for the longest walk we have gone on yet, 1.25 miles. He's getting better about being scared of everything. The cars still unnerve him a bit, but he no longer stops walking cowering from them as they go buy.

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