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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Getting Ready to Start Over

Well, I am getting ready to compete for the first time ever on August 20th, in the NPC Coastal USA in Atlanta, GA. I will be competing in the bikini division. On May 20th, I will be 12 weeks out, but I'm going to cut out dessert and alcohol after May 5th. Now I never consume alcohol and desserts in huge quantities in the first place, but after May 5th, it will be totally gone until after my competition.

Why May 5th you ask? Well I'm a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding. I am flying all the way from Augusta to LA for this. We are also going to Las Vegas for her bachlorette party on May 3rd. I'm not planning on drinking a lot, but well, I haven't seen her in like 2 years. It would be nice to let loose a little bit.

So after this wedding, I will come home, and go back to work. I'm in Army, and we have a big inspection coming up. Not to mention, I'm in charge of approximately 25 soldiers in my platoon, all of which have problems at any given time. Amidst all this stress, I will strive to maintain a competition diet and work out regimen. I will workout first thing in the morning at 0500. I did this last week, and I got in every one of my planned workouts for the week. It also helped me eat cleaner all day, every day.

Before, I was trying to fit in my workouts after work, but I could never really tell when that was going to be. So sometimes, because of meetings and work going on longer than I thought, I would have to miss a workout in order to get home to my husband. This would make me feel really terrible, but usually by then I was too tired to care until the next day. Now, before last week, I couldn't workout before the day really started, because I was the sergeant in charge of our PT formation at 0500 Monday through Friday. Now though I can finally get in my workouts!      

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