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Sunday, May 27, 2012

End of Week 14, Start of Week 13!

May 20th                                                                                       May 27th


So it has been a nice weekend so far. I have 4 days off because of the Memorial holiday. Well I'm not sure I'm seeing much of a difference here. Up top, I have the comparison from last week and this week, and I even put up the very first one I took this month. Meh, maybe I'm looking too closely. I know that I have lost another 1/4 inch in my waist, and I lost 1/2 pound this week. My legs are defnitely looking better, so maybe that is where I made the most progress this week. I really do want way more definition in my thighs. I'm pretty thick in that area comparatively speaking, so if I can get great definition in that area, then it will look fabulous.

It was a short week, to be true, but I still had enough stress for a full week! My biggest issue this week was people not doing their job, and trying to make it seem like it was somehow my fault. Very irritating. I don't let that illusion last very long though, no I sure don't!

I did well with my diet this week as well. I haven't had a dessert in 3 weeks, and no cheat meals. We have gone out to sushi once a week, and I get very simple rolls with no sauce. This week was the last weekend we are going out to eat though. No more restaurants for the next 3 months! Well we are going to a cookout on Monday for Memorial Day, but I'm eating dinner before we go, and I am also considering bringing a protein shake with me. Cookout food does not tend to fall in the lines of clean eating, at least it doesn't if I'm not cooking it!

The PT tests we were supposed to have last week never happened, so the big thing that could throw a wrench in my plans will be a "surprise" (aka last minute) PT test. So I'm on the look out for that this week. I also have a couple meetings after work, so I may need to bring extra snacks, so I don't cause my metabolism to do a super fail.

I'm working a little bit harder at not letting worthless people stress me out. I have a small flair for drama (if you ask my husband, he might tell you it's a dramatic flair for drama), and these worthless folks are flamable fuel for my fire. I know I need to chill out, but it's a lot of stress at work, from the office and the Army, so I just feel like I want to punch them (metaphorically speaking) right in their faces! (My arms are shaping up nicely too, so it would probably be an impressive punch!)

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