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Sunday, May 20, 2012

End of Week 15, on to Week 14!

 May 13th                                                                     May 20th

So I'm at the end of week 15! Tomorrow marks the start of week 14. I have done very well in all my food choices this week. I also got in every single one of the workout that I planned. I was very satisfied with the week. I lost 2 pounds and an inch from my waist, putting me at 25 inches! There isn't as much of a difference between last week's photo's and this weeks, but I'm retaining a bit more water weight for "girl" reasons. I expect next weeks photos to be awesome.

So the big thing I was proud of this week occurred when I took my husband to Red Lobster on Wednesday. I took him because he had a medical procedure that day, and couldn't eat the day before to prepare for it. He was so hungry, so we went there. Surprisingly, there aren't a lot of sit down restaurants open for lunch on Washington Rd. Now.... I was sorely tempted by the cheesy bisquits. As in, my mouth was watering! I was so close to taking one. Then I thought, "How low is my self control that I will be unable to "resist" taking a bisquit?" With that little mental slap, I reestablished my goals as priority, and didn't eat a single bite of a bisquit!

My one big area of improvement this week I think was my legs. You can't see all of them in the picture, but my calves are looking very nice. My quads are getting more definition as I lose more body fat. Another area I've improved is my mindset. It has gotten easier to not feel as tempted by bad food. "Food is Fuel" is my new mindset. Not to mention, my sense of taste has improved greatly, now that I have taken all the added sodium and sugar from my diet. I have to say, that must be another benefit of clean eating.

Next week is going to be tough. I am overseeing a PT test on Tuesday morning (and the next Tuesday too), and I have to take one of them. So I'll probably take the test next week. The question is how to fit in my workout on Tuesday. I'm considering getting up extra early on Tuesday, going to the gym, going home to change, then head to base, and take care of the PT test. It will be a terribly long day for me if I do that. But I'm almost certain I won't have time to work out after work.

Well I guess that's all for now. Until next week!

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