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Sunday, May 13, 2012

End of Wk. 16, 15 Weeks to go!

April 29th                                                                   May 13th

 So this is the end of week 16. I am counting down to the Atlanta NPC Coastal USA competition, which is scheduled for August 20th. As it is my first competion, I am taking extra time to prepare. I am very excited, and just hope I can feel satisfied with how everything turns out. I was in pretty good shape to start, so I know diet will be a huge factor for me, but don't think I will slack on my gym time!

This first week has been pretty much ideal. I got in all my workouts, and ate practically 90-95% clean. I'm giving 5-10% for food I didn't know wasn't that clean! I have been trying to drink a gallon of water or more each day. I lost almost 2 pounds this week, and my midsection looks a little leaner I think...

I also joined a new gym Tuesday morning, a Gold's Gym right down the street from my house that I didn't know was there. I read in a Muscle and Fitness Hers, that sometimes you can boost your motivation by changing your scenery (i.e. new gym), and the editor was totally right. I felt so great surrounded by this cleaner, bigger, more well equipped gym! I made it in every day at 0430, except on Wednesday, when I had to go in after work. I don't know about other people, but going to work out after work is harder for me than getting up early! I was so determined not to skip my workout!

The gym I was going to is on Ft. Gordon. Because so many young training soldiers use it, it gets really crowded, the equipment is all over the dang place, and it is kind of.... not dirty, but ill kept I guess. Not to mention more people know me in there, and they don't read the focused face as : Leave me alone, I'm busy." It seems to be understood as : "I'm in here killing time, wanna chat?".

As I said, diet is a huge component for me at this stage in my fitness journey, and I can't afford any mess ups. I have actively begun analyzing everything that goes in my mouth. It could mean the difference between feeling like I did everything I could to prepare, and having regrets and feeling like I have no self control.

It is Sunday, and I feel like I am more that ready for Monday and my Quads Calves focused workout tomorrow morning. Work will be a little hectic since I'm standing in as the NCOIC for my section, but I will manage, since I know all my workouts and diet will be handled.

Until the end of week 15!

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