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Monday, July 23, 2012

Temptations (Defeating them!)

So this weekend, I had a very close call. I had a super craving for chocolate chip cookies. Okay, it's around that time most women crave something sweet. The sad part is that I was ambushed by my craving while in the grocery store alone! My husband had drill this weekend, so I had to go grocery shopping alone. Normally I do not have a problem with this. I usually see grocery shopping as an opportunity to arm my self with fuel (aka clean food!) for the week. This week though, when I went down the aisle to check for my husbands crackers, I was mesmerized by the chocolate chip cookies there lining the shelves....

There they were. Do I get the organic chocolate chip cookies, the Kashi cookies, or should I just go all the way down this tunnel and get the Mrs. Field's chocolate chip cookies that I can microwave? I stood in the aisle, clutching the box of Kashi chocolate chip cookies, wondering if I could get away with eating the new FiberOne 90 calorie chocolate peanut butter cookies as well.

In the end, I DID buy the Kashi chocolate chip cookies. However when I got home, I decided that if my lady sweet tooth wanted to rear it's ugly head, then I would try to sate it with cherries. I normally halve a half a cup of cherries to put in my greek yogurt. So I halved an entire cup! There were more cherries than yogurt! You know what though, it most certainly did the trick! Almost immediately following the cherries and yogurt, my energy levels perked up, and I no longer wanted those cookies.

Just to be on the safe side though, my husband put them up somewhere I could not reach them. Then for extra measure, he ate them today. He says he did this for me, but I have my suspicions.....
He says that in all honesty, they were not that good anyway. Sometimes he tells me that in jest, but he was serious this time. Made me feel good that I had gone the route that made me feel great, and tasted great.

So I've come really far, but I don't want people to forget I'm still human! I am not infalliable! It took a lot of effort, and a few months ago, I would've eaten those cookies! My goals are more important to me though. I want to stand on that stage with a body that says I did my absolute best, worked out my hardest, and ate my best.

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