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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Now a Certified Fitness Trainer!

So I passed my final exam this last weekend, and I am now an ISSA certified fitness trainer! I can't believe I got through that whole course!
My Army stuff got in the way plenty of times, and I was too tired to do school work most of the days of the week, so I crammed it in during the weekends. Especially Sunday, since the gym doesn't open until 1000, and I can't help but get up early.
I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help people achieve their goals in a healthy and safe way. I can think of no better way to make money! Being in the Army, I have had to sacrifice a lot, so I know about dedication better than a lot of people.
My husband helped me so much. It is so great to have someone who supports you no matter what. It has definitely been integral to my success thus far.
Once my fitness competition is done, I plan on using those photos to build my fitness trainer site, and get my name out there!

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