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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Prepping for My Next Competition!

Sweet potatos.... Check
Low Carb Tortillas.... Check
Greek Yogurt.... Check
Grapefruit.... Check
Quinoa.... Check
Steel Cut Oats.... Check
Rice Cakes.... Check

And the list goes on and on and on. What all this means though, is that I'm getting ready to prep for another competition. Going figure this time, and I'm trying a different organization. The SNBF (SuperNatural Bodybuilding and Fitness) is a southern organization, so if I end up at Ft. Meade like I plan to, I won't be able to stay with them forever. I've heard really good things about this organization. Apparently the politics are less, which was a huge factor at the NPC Coastal USA. I don't really see myself competing with them again in the near future, at least not with out more experience under my belt!

I've begun incorporating cardio back into my workout regimen, along with circuit training to keep my heart rate up. I've been scoping out Clean Eating Magazing and Oxygen for new snack ideas, and I did find a couple :-)

One of the biggest challenges I'm going to face is learning the posing for figure. Another plus side to the SNBF is that they hold workshops. I've registered for the first 2013 workshop, which is on January 26th. My competition is on April 6th. I'm hoping to do another competition in October. I considered July, but I'm supposed to be in the Advanced Leaders Course (ALC) starting July 29th. I suppose I might be able to fit one in, but lets see how April goes first.

I know my posts have been few and far in between lately, but I'm getting ready to go on another journey, and I'll be posting at least weekly again. We are approximately 14 weeks out now, so I have 2 transition weeks, until the official start date of my prep. For my last competition, I did a 16 week prep. This time, I'm going to do it in 12 weeks, with a goal of about a 1 lb loss per week.

My first set of progress photos will be taken on January 12th (aka minus 12 weeks!)

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