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Friday, May 13, 2011

Stupid things the Army Does

Yes, it is true that this is a very long list. Yesterday however the "wait because we might need you" stupid thing happened. I waited for two and a half hours, because another platoon did not accomplish the tasks they were given for a range. Alright, "one team, one fight", but can you at least tell me what I'm waiting around for? I didn't even know until I had been cluelessly waiting for two hours! Ridiculous!
Withheld information is something that brings down morale in a unit. Soldiers begin to feel like they can't count on their leaders to disseminate information.
On top of that, since I didn't get out until 1930, my motivation to workout was dead. I was supposed to run four miles last night, and do 30 minutes of yoga. I ended up running 4 miles this morning, so it kind of worked out..... I'm happy I am PCSing to a new unit!

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