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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Circuit Workouts

I cannot believe I forgot how much I enjoy circuit workouts! Cardio and strength training all in one, and I can do a leg circuit, upper body circuit, abs circuit, or a full body workout like I did today.
During the April-May timeframe last year, I got down to 123 pounds doing circuit workouts. I had just gotten back from Afghanistan, so I was a bit overwhelmed by all the bad food choices so I gained 5-10 pounds back. I was still working out, but because of the food I was eating, I stayed at 130 pounds.

On December 27th, after Christmas this year, I made the decision to eat as clean and healthy as I could all the time. I guess that was my new year's resolution. I've cut out alcohol, and we eat dinner at home most nights. I started doing my circuit workouts again on the 27th as well. I weighed 132 pounds. Today I weigh 127.8 pounds! So much progress from eating clean and working out in such a small amount of time.

I've been able to drag myself out of bed every work day at 0400, so I can fit in my work out before I have to go to work. I can get up because I know that if I lay back down and go back to sleep, my day won't start out with the immense satisfaction I get from doing a tough workout.

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