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Sunday, July 1, 2012

End of Week 9!

June 17th                                                                    July 1st

So it has been 2 weeks since my last set of progress photos, which were taken on June 17th. Last weekend my husband had drill, so I decided to see if I could see a larger difference, and I'm pleased to say that I can! My abs are looking a little tighter, and in the back photos, I can see more tone in my rear shoulder muscles. My glutes appear to sit a little higher as well. To be honest, that has been a trouble spot for me during my contest preparation, so I'm extra pleased about this improvement, since I expect it to continue. The area where my shoulder transitions to my tricep also seems to have a bit more definition as well.

I took some additional photos this week, that I don't have comparisons for, but they look really good so I wanted to include them:

My abs, biceps, and shoulders look really good in the right picture, and the ton of back muscle I've amassed over the last couple years shows really well in the left picture. I'm super pleased with my progress in the last couple weeks. It's very motivating. I also think I've lossed another .5% of body fat, even though I' gained a half of a pound. More than likely that is just new muscle.

I also get to buy my competition suit this week, super exciting! Since I will be registering for my competition next week as well! Ah!

So while people watching during my cardio sessions in the gym, and I noticed something that was kind of irritating. They weren't challenging themselves. I saw one lady texting while using the leg press machine, a super light weight, and she wasn't even moving through the full range of motion for that machine. Another woman was doing tricep pressdowns super fast because her weight was too light as well. What's irritating about it, is that these women, in a couple weeks or so, will complain that their gym time has not benefited them in the slightest. Words to live by in this situation: If it doesn't challenge you, it will not change you!

I think everyone should challenge themselves consistently, because consistency is also necessary to see lasting change.

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