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Sunday, August 26, 2012

NPC Coastal USA 2012

So! I competed in the NPC Coastal USA this year (2012), in Class B bikini division! I placed 8th, not bad for being in the wrong division!

The process over all was pretty smooth. I knew where I had to be and when. The communication between the event organizers and the competitors was good! I got my spray tan the night before (that was an event in and of itself), and stayed in a nice host hotel (Wyndam Gardens in Duluth, GA). The competition was at the Gwinnett Performing Arts Center, which was a lovely venue. It was nice to be on stage!

So I did my weigh in early at 1600 on Friday, as it turns out, I could have done it before my spray tan (appointment at 1900) at my hotel, but it wasn't labled properly on the registration form. No big deal though. By the time Friday came around, my body seemed to have adjusted pretty well to the low cal/carb peak diet I was on. I forgot my sandals, so my awesome husband went and got me a pair. By the time I hit the spray tan, I've seen some girls that made me question my selection of division. The bikini division did not seem very muscular, and I definitely am muscular! Tan tip! I did not get the spray tan on my face, I went and bought make up that was a bit lighter, but helped my face match my body. If I had gotten spray tan on my face, I wouldn't have been able to wash it! I used Iman make up for "ethnic" women, which worked wonders. Also, the company who took care of us, Body Heat, did an amazing job, and they were available for touch ups, and application of Bikini Bite right before we went on stage!

Saturday morning at 0300, I can't sleep anymore! I laid in bed until 0600, and then I start to get ready. I put on my fake lashes closer to the prejudging, so around 1030. I will put them on as soon as I wake up the day of my next competition. My hands were shaking from excitement and lack of food and water! Lol. I was in a dressing room with 4-5 other girls. They were all on the same team.

Note about teams. They get a lot of support, and seem to do better because of that. Team Bombshell from Florida showed up at the Coastal. Now there were plenty of rumors about favoritism, because allegedly, the owner of Team Bombshell, Shannon Day, and the promoter of the Coastal, Ropeman, go way back. For me, that was neither here nor there I guess. By the time the figure girls had gone during the morning show, I knew I wasn't going to place well, favoritism or no. I was in the wrong division! My husband could tell from the audience, that I looked more like a figure girl than a GA NPC bikini girl. I was also told by some other competitors in the audience to try the SNBF league or try competing in NPC KY if I wanted to keep my muscular look. If I want to compete in GA (and I do, while I still live here), then I will have to go figure. No big deal, so that is my next goal.

After the prejudging morning show, my husband and I went back to the hotel. I was tired from the adrenaline crash, and I didn't want to mess up my tan! So I just laid in bed, and we watched the Matrix on TNT. My mom and sister arrived, and I couldn't have been happier to see them. They dropped me off at the arts center, so they could go get something to eat.

The evening show started at 1930, and from the sounds of the audience, it was quite the show! My family really enjoyed it! I actually ran into a girl, Asia, who reads my blog! How about that? It took me by complete surprise! She placed 2nd in her class, and she looked wonderful! I enjoyed the evening show better. It was my second time on stage, and I really felt like I fed off the energy of the crowd! I felt great, and loved the way I looked, even though I knew by now that it was not what the judges were looking for. I had my husband, mom, and sister out in the crowd cheering for me, and that was all I needed!

My first competition was amazing, and I learned a ton of stuff. Like how hard it is to get a new bottle of Bikini Bite rolling! Lol, I can't wait to compete again. Photos below!


  1. You should get muscle tattoos, that way you don't have to work so hard lol :P

  2. Lol, I live for a challenge, you know that!