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Monday, September 3, 2012

Barbell Push Press

Did this exercise during a shoulder workout, and totally loved it. It qualifies as powerlifting or olympic weightlifting. As a female, I can't say that I do a lot of powerlifting type moves, but this made me feel so strong, I'm going to try and incorporate them more! See below for pictures and instructions. I've also included a link from with the video!

Beginning Position:
  • Use the floor-to-shoulder lifting technique described in the Power Clean exercise to move the bar from the floor to the shoulders.

Upward Movement Phase:
  • Slightly flex the hips and knees, keeping torso erect.
  • Immediately follow with an explosive push upward by extending the knees.
  • Keep torso erect and tensed.
  • At maximum hip and knee extension, shift body weight to balls of feet and extend ankle joints.
  • At maximum plantar flexion, push bar from the shoulders.
  • Push the bar with the arms to a fully extended elbow position overhead.

Downward Movement Phase:
  • Lower bar to shoulders.
  • Flex hips and knees slightly as bar touches shoulders.
  • Straighten the hips and knees before the upward movement phase begins again.

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